The vitalosophic Lightness of Being

Welcome to the AN-ALAPANKA-MA© Guest House !

We would like to show you all the different facets of our vitalosophic concept:
In our diningStudio we offer purely vegetarian cousine prepared á la minute with lots of love and care by Chef Friedrich Gutscher.
Furthermore, it is our vitalosophic goal to activate our clients natural energy sources.
In our vitalCentre MD Peter Mies practises the gentle manual BOWTECH® relaxation technique.
In the small gallery, our Piccolleria, Sylvia Mies temporarily exhibits her artistic creations.
Our mythological theme park "Astrosophical GardenWorlds" is in every season a very unique natural experience of horticulture.

We wish you placid, eventful and pleasurable hours in our AN-ALAPANKA-MA© guest house.

Sylvia’s Astrosophical GardenWorlds were opened on August 18th, 2018.
These GardenWorlds can be visited all year round.

Entrance fee (visit only):
20.00 EUR / per person
Please call us for an appointment: +43 (0) 3325 / 22544

Guided garden tour:
40.00 EUR / per person
Only with advance booking in good time.

Visitors to our “speiseAtelier“ restaurant and overnight guests will have free entrance to the
Astrosophical GardenWorlds.

We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable stay,
your AN-ALAPANKA-MA team

The brochure
Astrosophische GartenWelten Die Gärten von AN-ALAPANKA-MA©
(Astrosophical GardenWorlds – The Gardens of AN-ALAPANKA-MA©)
12 symbolische Gartenbilder (12 symbolic garden scenes) by Sylvia Mies
is available for 25.00 EUR

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We have made it onto the A-List - Best of Austria!
As of now our establishment is one of the
most popular throughout Austria.

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Im Reich der Symbole

Article in the Sonntagsmagazin der KLEINEN ZEITUNG
from Helena Wallner
, 13.8.2017

30 years Délice in Stuttgart
Größter Genuss auf kleinstem Raum

Article in the STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG from Heidemarie Hechtel,
No. 56 / 8.3.2017

We are delighted to have carried off the Austrian INNOVATION AVARD 2016 to the southern Burgenland.

That way we are hoping to raise the quality of this region for a green individual tourism.

Austrian Innovation Award 2016 Statement:
The garden project initiated in February 2013 with its 12 circular garden sceneries is considered in its concept as being innovative, sustainable and unique.
Especially for the tourism in the southern Burgenland the leisure touristic offering by these GardenWorlds takes on an important role.
The visitors may choose among all options: just go for a stroll, delve into one or another theme or simply slow down and daydream in the FISCHE garden by the lakeside.

Spend a magnificent day with us in the southern Burgenland – where quality
is still appreciated

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The gardens of AN-ALAPANKA-MA© - 12 symbolic garden tableaus
Adjoining the Sibyllinian Garden, a new concept of an ambitious landscape project is developing.

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